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Which Flooring Is Best?


We have a range of flooring thickness, as well as widths. Many people think the thinner the board, the lower the quality – this is however is not the case! Please find below the options we offer:

20mm Engineered
Our 20mm thick, engineered oak boards are birch-ply backed with a 5mm oak wear layer on top. The birch backing is cross layered which gives amazing stability. If you ever needed to re-sand the floor, each sand would remove around 0.5 of oak so, due to the thick oak layer, you wouldn’t ever cut through into the backing.

Our multiply oak boards are available in a range of thicknesses from 14mm to the 21mm. The construction is made up of several layers of cross layered ply, creating a strong core, and then topped with an oak wear layer. The thickness of the oak layer depends on the thickness of the overall board – for example, a 14mm board would have around 3mm of oak, 18mm would have 4mm of oak, and so on. The layers of ply depends on the thickness of board but can range from 3-12 layers, which are glued and pressed to create excellent stability.

3 Ply
3-ply is very similar to multi-ply, in terms of construction. However, as the name suggest, it has only 3 layers, with the central layer being thicker block board. 3-ply is a slightly cheaper option due to less work involved in it’s construction. As with multi-ply, there is a range of thickness available from 14mm up to 21mm with oak layer depending on thickness.

High density fibre is produced by breaking down hardwood residuals into wood fibres, combining it with wax and a resin binder and then forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure. Very complex! HDF boards are usually slightly thinner boards at 13mm, with a 2.5mm oak wear layer. The HDF core stabilises the surface and makes it insensitive to pressure. It is also exceptionally quiet due to it’s greater mass giving less vibrations against room noise.



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