New Herringbone!

  • Cheshire Cathedral Herringbone
  • Cheshire Cathedral Herringbone
  • Cheshire Cathedral Herringbone

We have 3 new beautiful types of herringbone! Cathedral, Natural Oiled and Wessex.
With herringbone making such a comeback recently, we felt we needed to give our customers a premium collection to choose from.

Help me choose!

Here’s our guide to choosing the right herringbone for your home/project:

  1. Catherdal (

This flooring is suitable for a more traditional home. With it’s black edges it gives a real antique appearance!

2. Natural Oiled (

If you are living in your home you have the advantage of not having to wait for the oil to dry. This is a very modern finish. No sanding or finishing required so you’re all good to go!

3. Wessex (

You can start from scratch with the exact colour and finish you want.



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