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Can Oak Be Used In A Commercial Setting?

Can Oak Be Used In A Commercial Setting?

Of course!

Here’s why:

Although oak flooring may be popular with home-owners, it is also extremely suitable for commercial properties.

In fact, it is now specified by many businesses due to its look, simple maintenance and the fact it is easy to work with.
We understand that being in a commercial environment, the oak will have to deal with an increased level of wear and tear possible leaving dirt, stains, scuffs and marks.

Luckily, oak is naturally very hard wearing and great at coping with increased footfall. Every day marks can be swept away. For more serious marks, the floor can be re-sanded and re-coated with your chosen finish – it will look brand new!

Why not follow in the footsteps of Dior, Harrods and Nandos!

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