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A Guide On Oak Thresholds

A Guide On Oak Thresholds

Thresholds are the finishing touches to turn your ‘great job’ into an ‘amazing job’ and here’s why:

It’s important to choose the right threshold. This is one of the things that our customers often forget about when having a new floor fitted. You must think about how your new floor will look against current floors in your home. You want the flooring to flow through the whole house and choosing the right accessories can make the world of difference.

T Section

Using one of these will make one floor sit effortlessly next to another.

R Section

This is to be used to connect two different heights of flooring. A smooth finishing touch.


This is to be used as a finishing bead to cover expansion gaps at the edge of the flooring.


This can be used to cover trim around oak flooring where skirting’s can’t easily be removed.

You can see our wide range of thresholds here.



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